How do you recognise when a head injury is more than just a bump? Dr Ranj Singh points out the signs of concussion


Kids are always falling over and bumping their heads. However, it’s important to be able to recognise the signs when the injuries are more serious than just a graze to the scalp.

A concussion is a head injury that causes temporary loss of brain function, and it’s important to be able to spot the signs so that your child can recover as soon as possible.

Your child may have a concussion if they are acting dazed, confused or have loss of balance, although these aren’t always sure signs. Loss of consciousness and amnesia are more definite signs that your child has a concussion.  Delayed symptoms can include nausea, dizziness and drowsiness, as well as a change in mood and sleep disturbance.

If your child is developing any of the signs of a concussion, get them checked out immediately, as concussion can lead to serious complications if left untreated too long.  If they are concussed then it is extremely important that they don’t sustain a second injury, and that they have a properly monitored period of rest and recovery.

More information is available on the NHS website.

Voice: Dr Ranj Singh