Emergency Holiday Kit

Don’t get burned on holiday! Dr Ranj Singh goes through the vital checklist to avoid medical emergencies while you’re travelling

Emergency Holiday Kit

The last thing you want when you’re going on holiday is for your child to be struck by a sudden illness or ailment that you aren’t prepared for. When you are going abroad and aren’t sure what to expect in terms of weather, allergies or illnesses, it’s particularly important to be prepared, but can be tricky to know what to take.  So here’s a very basic list for most scenarios – just remember SOAPP.

1) Make sure you pack sun screen. This is essential if you are going anywhere that may be hot – make sure it’s at least factor 30 with a high level of UVA protection.

2) Oral rehydration salts are often forgotten – dehydration can become an issue with vomiting and diarrhoea illnesses acquired on holiday.

3) Anti-allergy medication is a good way to be safe rather than sorry. Anyone in the family could develop an allergic reaction to something abroad, but antihistamines are also useful for things like insect bites.

4) Don’t forget basic medication such as paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain and fever,

5) And lastly, and pack some plasters and bandages for mild scrapes, cuts and injuries.

Obviously, don’t forget to take enough of any medication that you would usually take whilst at home.

Voice: Dr Ranj Singh