Explaining Sexuality to Children

Development of sexuality is an integral aspect of a child’s growth and maturation. Children are naturally curious about their bodies and their natural functions. This inquisitiveness is perfectly normal and will often be harmless.

If you imply that sexuality is a taboo subject or shouldn’t be talked about, your child may be less inclined to come to you for advice. Having an open discussion about sexuality, orientation and relationships will teach your child to understand themselves and others better. It will also aid them with future encounters with same sex couples, transgender individuals and those with varying sexual identities.

Start by asking them an open question to test the waters. Try to simplify these concepts as best you can. If your child requires further details, they will usually ask for it.

You may also want to cover sexual intercourse and the natural urges they will experience when they get older. As you raise them, make a point of normalising different gender and sexuality preferences as much as you can.

Identify good role models in your community so that your child can become comfortable and familiar with people from all walks of life. Continue to show your love and support, let your child know that you accept them for who they are. For more advice, visit childline.org.uk.