Fussy Eaters

Being fussy with food isn’t uncommon in young children, but it can be challenging for parents. A common concern for parents is that their child might not be eating enough or getting enough nutrition through food. However, it is perfectly normal for a child’s appetite to fluctuate as they grow.

Their hunger can also depend on their activity levels during the day and their particular mood. Trust that your child knows when they are full and don’t force food on them as this is likely to be met with more resistance.

Try to make mealtimes enjoyable by creating a fun and sociable atmosphere around the dinner table. If your child has shown distaste for a particular food, wait a week or so before reintroducing it to them.

Fill your child’s plate with a colourful spectrum of ingredients like cabbage, carrots and tomatoes, to provide them with a range of tastes to experience plus plenty of nutrients. You may wish to cut elements of their meals into interesting shapes like stars or hearts to encourage eating. Feed your child the same meal as the rest of the family, seeing others eating the same thing can be encouraging for children. Avoid using unhealthy foods like sweets and chocolate as a reward as this may instill the idea that fruits and vegetables are bad but sweets are good.

Consistently offer your child different foods to try, it may take multiple attempts for them to acquire a taste for something.