Hair Loss

Hair loss after giving birth can come as a shock, but Dr Ranj Singh can explain the causes and offer reassurance

Hair Loss

Hair loss following pregnancy is not often discussed, but it happens in up to 50 percent of new mothers.  It can cause added stress at a time when you’re just getting used to your new baby.  However, once you realise how common it is, that it’s a natural post-pregnancy event and that it’s a passing condition, you should be less worried about experiencing it.

The cause for post-pregnancy hair loss is usually hormonal. When pregnant, high hormone levels make the hair healthy and glossy, and cause the hair to stay in place. Then when those levels drop, usually around three months after giving birth, all the hair that should have been shed over nine months falls out.

Post-partum hair loss does not always happen, but can be upsetting when it does, as it can cause bald patches or intense thinning. However, it’s important to remember that this is only temporary and a good hair care routine can get hair back to normal. Taking extra measures such as relieving stress, enjoying a good diet and getting plenty of sleep can also help to get hair looking healthy.

A few more tips include taking vitamin and mineral supplements if you’re worried you may not have enough in your diet, being extra gentle with your haircare and brushing during the shedding period, and finding a shampoo and conditioner that works best for you.

Voice: Dr Ranj Singh