Learning Difficulties

What are the challenges of having a child with learning difficulties and what help can you expect? Dr Ranj Singh explains.

Learning Difficulties

It can be hard to hear that your child has a learning difficulty or special education need, but it is more common than you may think. It can at first be tricky to know how best to help your child, but there are plenty of ways to ensure that they get the help they need, and reach their full potential.

When we talk about learning difficulties, this includes conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and dyscalculia. Children who have these conditions can face a difficult time in school and with their peers.

The law says that children with a learning need must be included in mainstream education if possible, and that schools and authorities must endeavour to provide appropriate support. Each child who needs extra support should ideally have an evaluation and be provided with an EHCP – an education, health and care plan.

Not only do schools provide additional help, but parents can also seek support from outside learning centres that can participate in making your child more able to deal with their individual challenges.

Children needn’t be defined by their learning difficulty, and by identifying the learning methods which suit them best, and providing support and encouragement, there is no reason why they should be limited in their learning.

Voice: Dr Ranj Singh