Mental Health Services

Stress can affect kids as much as adults, but are the facilities there to help them with mental health problems? Dr Ranj Singh looks at the issues.

Mental Health Services

In this modern era of media pressure and increased stress on young people, mental health issues are multiplying – but the help and services available are not.

Despite increased awareness, there is still a stigma attached to young people with mental health problems, and simply not enough facilities available.

A study by the Children’s Society shows that an astonishing 110,000 young people every year do not get the treatment they need. Many are turned away because their needs do not meet the threshold for help. There are also often long waiting lists for things like counselling, when immediate attention is really needed.

Things may improve, with the promise of new funding and training announced by the government earlier this year. This includes educating teachers to spot the signs of a mental health problem in a child, and NHS staff being given extra support on things like suicide prevention.

Similarly, it’s important to support parents too as they are often the first people to notice a problem, so make sure you find out what help is on offer in your local area.  Check out one of the many mental health charities online, or consult the NHS website.

Voice: Dr Ranj Singh