Potty Training Your Toddler

Most children tend to be ready for potty training between the age 22 and 30 months. Ensure your child is ready both physically and emotionally before you start this process.

Some telltale signs that your child might be ready include: beginning to know when they need the toilet in advance, becoming more independent with completing tasks, regular bowel movements that usually occur at the same time and an increase in the gap between wetting to at least an hour.

Start potty training by gradually introducing them to the potty and explaining what it is used for. It may help for them to see a demonstration; you could use their teddies or dolls for this or even allow them to see you use the toilet.

Keep the potty in the bathroom so that they associate the process with this room. Get them used to sitting on the potty by incorporating it into their daily routine. Encourage them to sit on it after mealtimes which is a prime time for bowel movements.

If your child seems anxious about using the potty, wait a few more weeks before trying again. When your child indicates that they need the toilet, encourage them to use their potty. If they miss the potty, try not to make a fuss or show disapproval. When they succeed, offer them praise. With a little patience and perseverance, your little one will soon master it.