Preparing Children for a New Sibling

Preparing for a second child tends to be a less daunting journey for parents than their first. However, many couples may not be aware of the huge impact it may have on their eldest child. Until now, your love and attention has been directed at only them. Having to share their parents’ attention with another sibling can come as a shock.

Your child’s age may determine how they react to a new sibling. Older children are typically eager to meet the new arrival, while younger infants can become confused and upset.

To make the adjustment period easier, include your eldest child in the planning and preparation for their younger sibling’s arrival during pregnancy. Explain in age-appropriate terms how the baby is growing. It may also help to show them photos of when they were a newborn so that they can visualize what to expect.

You may want to invite them to your next pregnancy scan. Including them in such processes should help make them feel more connected to their new sibling. If your eldest child starts misbehaving and vying for attention, try to ignore it as much as possible. Instead, seek to reward them when they display good behaviour. Explain to them that a new baby needs a lot of care and attention, but your love for them will never falter.