Taking control of Bedwetting

Bedwetting can be very upsetting for children and parents alike. According to the Mayo Clinic, 15 percent of children still wet the bed by age five, but less than five percent do so by the ages of eight to 11.

There are ways for parents to take control of a child’s bedwetting. Firstly, try to avoid assigning blame. Shaming your child or showing anger when they have an accident will only add further pressure and anxiety on them.

Do try to be open with your child by reassuring them that bedwetting is extremely normal for their age group. Encourage your child to empty their bladder just before they go to sleep; you may even want to limit their liquid consumption for the hours leading up their bedtime. This won’t necessarily work every time, but it certainly will improve the chances of having a dry night.

For extra encouragement, construct an incentives chart to track their progress. This could involve a rewarding children with a treat for days they go without bedwetting.

If the problem persists, check that your child isn’t suffering from constipation or any other medical complaint. See a doctor for further analysis if the problem worsens.